13 Challenges Tintinhull Garden

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The National Trust has a wonderful way of acquiring the most lovely small properties that are so delightful.

Tintinhull Garden, near Yeovil, is a perfect example. There is a house with 2 rooms you can visit but it is the garden that people go to see. It is set out in a series of ‘rooms’ which was the brainchild of it’s architect Phyliss Reiss in 1933. It is the sort of place you can visit throughout the year as each season will bring different colours and plants top enjoy.

This is another in the 13 Challenges series. Do check out the tab at the top to find out more!

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13 Challenges – #2 / 6 The Cricketers

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This is challenge #2 in the 13 Challenges series. Do check out the tab at the top for more info!

Welcome to The Cricketers, Gillingham.


It was the local for hubby and all his friends when they were growing up. It was here that one his friends invited the land lord to his 18th birthday party even though he had been a regular visitor for a couple of years! ( for my non-UK readers – the legal age to go into a public house and consume alcohol in England is 18)

I have had a few pints here too because it is just up the road from Priestfield which is the home ground of Gillingham Football Club. I’ve often wondered why it wasn’t called the footballers!

Anyway, at the start of the football season, which is in the summer, the pub lays on a bar-b-que on match days and as…

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